PensionInspector™ Prestige Subscription

You will receive Key current and prior Plan special reports (subject to availability) with each U.S. Department of Labor Retirement Plan Annual Report (2002 to 2016) contained in the PensionInspector™ ERISA Plus Dashboard as follows:

  • 1. A 5 Year Key Summary Report of the Plan's Operations Report
  • 1. A 5 Year Key Summary Report of the Plan's Operations Report
  • 2. A 5 Year Plan Alert of Transactions and Plan Testing Failures Reported on Previous 5500 filings of the Plan Schedule
  • 2. A 15 Year Average Investment Return Rating Report containing 6 Metrics and Ratings
  • 4. A 5 Year Reported Plan Specifications for each Year Report
  • 5. 4 1-Click Earnings, Expense, Bonding and Best in Class On-Line Plan Standing Queries.
  • 6. A Retirement Plan Enrolled Actuary, enrolled to practice before the IRS, DOL and PBGC to assist.

Plus, a Subscription to the PensionInspector™ Proprietary 4 Star Data Mining Suite ( 3D Data Mining, and 3D Compare and Rank Program, Crows Nest, and More)

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