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Retirement Plan Inflation Reaches 40 Year High

Retirement Plan Inflation continued its reduction of the intrinsic value of participant and retirees funds, to loose according to the May 2022 CPI-W table* 9.26% from a year ago. Inflation continued to lose 12.52% plan asset value since the 1st of the year.

Inflation loss reduces the real purchasing power of goods and services for plan participants and retirees.

To combat individual retirement plan real value loss, has created an app "the retirement plan inflation Eraser" that enables the user to measure its retirement plan inflation damage upon its net assets each year up to 15 years.

All Plan Administrators, plan professionals and plan participants should be aware of its plan inflation status. Its only $28 per month. Click here.

*This is the same table used for the annual Social Security annual cost-of-living addition.

My View: By David J. Tananbaum

Inflation is a dangerous threat to retirement - whether trying to save for retirement or being retired. Inflation reduces the real purchasing power of goods and services for plan participants and retirees. The rise in inflation especially hurts those on fixed incomes who have been seeing prices on the goods and services they rely heavily on, such as medical care, energy, food, power, and car gasoline.

In April 2022, inflation took an increasing toll on retirement plan participants by increasing to 8.9% over last year's April monthly result - its largest 12-month increase since January 1982 - using the same Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) that Social Security uses for its annual Cost of Living (COLA) update. And to make matters worse, worker salaries, adjusted for inflation, increased 5.3% over the past year because of the increase in Cost of Living.

But there is an answer to rampaging inflation in retirment plans. It's called the "Inflation Eraser" which is an extensive user-friendly program that simplifies research for plans that file Form 5500 and Form 5500-SF.

The low cost ($28 one time, or month-to-month) "Inflation Eraser" app combats retirement plan inflation by defining each plan's yearly accumulated retirment plan inflation to show the accumulated plan average increase or decrese for years tested when run from inception year of plan or for plan particpants from year of hire.

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