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We provide FREE simplified access to 15 plus years of Department Of Labor's Annual Financial Reports for Retirement and Welfare Plans (Form 5500), PLUS Tools to best utilize your selection with Unique, Professionally Maintained Advanced Data Mining Applications.

How We Do It

We have simplified the process of obtaining authentic DOL created PDF Form 5500's. Our ERISA Plus Dashboard, with our "Prestige Vision " Upgrade contains everything you need, in one screen, for all Retirement Plans, to be able to download and immediately coordinate critical prior plan events, performance, trands, and Ratings.. More

Don't Let A Standalone Form 5500 Put you in Jeopardy!

Retirement plans are dynamic tax exempt entities which are tied to prior key transactions, legal requirements, trends and Plan performance.

The PensionInspector's Prestige Vision upgrade , reviews information you must know from 5 to 15 Years, your selection, from more than 10 million Erisa Plans in a span of 15 Years and delivers to you THE BIG, PRIOR REPORTED PICTURE, to your wireless or PC, at an affordable subscription price. We are Wireless Compatible and live in the Cloud for 100% Service.





  • All ERISA Retirement and Welfare Plans
  • Easiest to use
  • Minimum 2 character search
  • Beginner, Enhanced and Advanced Search
  • Up to 15 Years on one screen
  • All Special Attachments


$ 249 /yr
thru July 15, 2019

  • All of Free Form 5500 Downloads
  • 5 Year Key Summary Reports
  • 5 Year Critical Alerts
  • One-Click Plan Performance Queries
  • 3D Data Mining
  • 3D Compare and Rank.
  • Exclusive Retirement and Welfare Plan Study-Reports
  • Special Promotion - A 1 Year Subscription To 3D Five Star Data Mining and 3D Comparea and Rank - 2 Ultimate Data Mining Applications.
  • Free Enrolled Retirement Plan Actuary to Assist.
  • and Much More..


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  • Complete Database for Download for Current and Previous 2 Years
  • Grouped by Large and Small Plans
  • Grouped by States, International Listings, DFE and Regions
  • Will customize database upon request


$199/yr per plan

  • Spreadsheet Reconciling Form 5500 vs. ERISA Audit
  • Suplimental Audit Procedures PDF Report
  • All ERISA Audits within 75 mile radius of CPA firm


I have been utilizing PensionInspector for a couple of years. The website and the information one can retrieve is much easier, faster and adds much more depth to a plan than the DOL website. For one thing, you do not need the Administrator's UserID to access the information.

With just a few clicks, you can get all the information you need to review a plan for takeover consideration. You can review plans for at least five years past 5500 history. If there appear to be any compliance issues with the plan, you can access that information right away, rather than a headache in the future.

I highly recommend the website.
Stephen T. - Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent, QPA

I have utilized the Pension Inspector CPA Audit Assistant Tool and found it a timesaver and very helpful to reduce my exposure by:
  • Presenting a 5 year key plan performance analysis.
  • Providing prior years key reported plan failures.
  • Providing an Excel file of the prior year audit results
  • to reconcile current year 5500 audit results as required by the Department of Labor audit requirement.
Stephen Z - Certified Public Accountant